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CBI Grizzly Mill


The Grizzly Mill Hog is known as the Heavyweight Champion of Wood Waste Grinders for good reason! It is designed to be the most rugged hog on the market and will handle almost any material you throw at it and just keep on running.

Cedar bark, green spruce bark, all kinds of mill wood waste, demolition debris, butt ends, railroad ties and stringy bark are all easily processed and the resulting product is of high quality and suitable for hog fuel or mulch.

Superior ergonomic design makes the Grizzly Mill extremely safe, easy and inexpensive to maintain. Typical maintenance costs for the Grizzly Mill are much lower than for conventional wood waste grinders.

The rugged heart of the Grizzly Mill Hog is an extremely heavy duty, solid-steel, offset helix rotor that shears material from two directions against an anvil and grate. The rotor turns at half the speed of a conventional hammermill rotor resulting in substantial savings in maintenance costs. The Grizzly Mill is also very tolerant of rock and metal.

The Grizzly Mill is used worldwide in these industries:

  • Sawmills
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • OSB Plants
  • C & D Recycling Facilities
  • Log Merchandising Systems
  • Land Clearing Operations
  • Compost Facilities
  • Co-Generation Plants