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Brunette E-Sweep


The Brunette E-Sweeps are an environmentally friendly, highly efficient electric log kicker.  The all electric log kicker eliminates the need for costly hydraulic or inefficient pneumatic kickers.

Features include:

  • Electric Drive.
  • High efficiency log kicker.
  • Sweep arm – box construction.
  • Reciprocating bellcrank.
  • Low impact.
  • Programmable Speed Control.
  • Pivot pins – expander pins.
  • Oversize pivot shafts.
  • Modules of 2 or 3 kicker arms.
  • Gear Reducer.
  • Shaft Mounted.
  • Oversize Drive.
  • Blue Brute Bearings.
  • Connector Pins “Expanding Pin System.”

Smooth, quiet, and efficient; the Brunette E-Sweeps are the next evolution in log handling technology.
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