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Brunette Drum Chipper


The Brunette Drum Chipper is an industry leader in producing quality pulp chips from short material that is difficult to control.

Features adjustable chip length to provide operators with the flexibility to choose their desired chip length. Allows quick knife changes that can be done by one person.

Uses single piece tapered knives that process material across their full width, providing even wear and longer life. Accommodates large pieces through its wide throat.

  • A manual rotor lock prevents movement while changing knives.
  • Hood opening and rotor lock provide a safe working environment, while changing knives.
  • Electrical interlocks stop the chipper if the anvil releases.
  • Pillow Block Bearings provide solid support the rotor assembly. The rotor can be adjusted to ensure an optimum knife-to-anvil clearance to suit the application. Heavy steel fabrication results in a high inertia rotor that can process high volumes and uses less energy. The rotor is mounted to a 5”ø HTSR shaft by two B-LOCs.
  • HPU & Cylinders are provided to open the large access hood for performing maintenance and knife changes.
  • The chipping knives are tapered and sandblasted for added safety.
  • Features quick release knife clamps (spring loaded), replaceable knife seats and counter knives.
  • Fabricated Screen is manufactured to limit the number of overs.
  • The hardened anvil is reversible for extended use.
  • The anvil is designed to “swing-away” in the event of metal contamination. It is held in place by two shear pins mounted in B-LOCs.
  • Optional equipment includes an Infeed Chute that mates directly to the drum chipper to ensure a proper transition for material entering the drum from either a vibrating or belt conveyor.

Technical Specifications

Model 3220 3230 4830 6040
Maximum Horsepower 200 400 400 1000
No. of Knives 4 4 6 8
Drum RPM 720 720 540 360
Chips per Hour (m3) – SPF 85 125 200 425
Chips per Hour (units) – SPF 15 22 37 75
Green Tons per Hour (SWE) – SYP 37 55 92 185
Inlet Opening 16”x20” 16”x30” 22″x30″ 28”x40”
Weight (Lbs.) 6200 7800 14000 20000

The Brunette Drum Chipper is available in 32″ and 60″ rotor diameters. Also available in rear discharge for applications with elevation restrictions.

Specifications should only be used as a general guide.

Horsepower and capacity figures will vary depending on the type of material processed.

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Upgrade your drum chipper with this easy field retrofit, providing less maintenance downtime for quicker knife changes by minimizing rotor stop time.