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Brunette Veneer Chipper

The Brunette veneer chipper is designed with the knives extending the full face width of the drum which produces a uniform quality chip and maximizes the life of the pocket hardware. The contour of the drum allows the anvil to be placed in a position whereby the knife force stays behind the anvil, thus creating a clamping force between the material to be chipped and the anvil, which prevents the material from tipping up towards the drum. Knives can be set close to the anvil across the full face width of the drum thus ensuring more uniform chipping. view-pdf-brochureKnife clamps are designed with a self-opening feature eliminating the need to remove the clamps or nuts during knife changes. The knife pocket is equipped with counter knives for easy replacement.

The Brunette Veneer Chipper is manufactured with a heavy duty uni-body lower frame for rigidity. The upper frame consists of a large access door for maintenance, and a bolt-on removable section for total access to the rotor. The upper feedworks are contained in pivoting modular housing which can be pinned in the maintenance position, or removed completely.


  • Veneer
  • Cores
  • Spin-Outs