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Need a Custom Engineered Solution for Your Next Mill Project?

Brunette Machinery is renowned across North America for manufacturing and supplying forestry equipment such as the Brunette Drum Chipper. But did you know that we can provide custom engineered turn-key solutions based on your unique requirements?

Our Latest Project

Recently, Brunette Machinery designed, manufactured and installed a custom engineered biomass system consisting of a single 18-roll Disc Scalping Screen, a specialized infeed chute assembly, and two Brunette 4872B BioSizers®. The infeed chute, complete with a Diverter Gate, can convey material to both BioSizers operating simultaneously or one at a time.

Our innovative engineering and sales teams worked closely with our client to custom design an infeed chute with a diverter gate to handle the mill’s high volume, increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs. Our team devised this chute assembly to accommodate the customer’s budgetary restraints while fitting the new equipment into the original space.

During the engineering phase, we measured the current area to confirm conformance with the engineering drawings supplied by the customer. We considered the type and volume of the material to be processed and discussed the project goals. Our team collaborated throughout the process with the customer to develop the perfect solution.

The resulting design met all the customer’s production requirements. This custom-engineered system fits into the designated space. The customer’s conveyor system will feed the new Disc Scalping Screen that will furnish the screened material to the new infeed chute that feeds both BioSizers.

Ask Us How a Custom Engineered Solution Can Work for You

Our talented team can fulfill your project’s specific requirements, from technical sales to engineering & design, manufacturing, installation, training, and parts & services.

Contact us to learn how we can deliver a custom engineered solution to help you get more from your mill.
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The Disc Scalping Screen, 72″ wide with 18 rolls, screens a large volume of material to feed the 2 BioSizers
Dual BioSizers with the custom engineered infeed chute. The photo on the right shows a person for scale