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There Goes Another Grizzly Mill Hog

When one of our customers, a pulp and paper mill in the British Columbian interior, inquired about a simple, low maintenance, rugged wood waste grinder capable of producing quality product at a high-volume output, Brunette’s sales team recommended the Brunette/CBI Grizzly Mill Hog.

Known as the heavyweight champion of wood waste grinders, the Grizzly Mill Hog is designed to be the most rugged hog on the market. It will handle almost any material thrown at it and keep on running.

The Grizzly Mill features a solid steel, high-inertia, offset helix rotor with four rows of alternating spiral striker bars. The Hog is performance engineered to easily process large butt ends, stringybark, demolition material, typical urban waste as well as sawmill waste wood debris into a quality biomass fuel. The spiral rotor spreads material equally across the full width for maximum throughput while providing even wear on the anvil and grate.

Image of machine parts on a factory floor
Grizzly Mill in the making

The Grizzly Mill Hog’s robust construction makes extremely tolerant of metal and rocks. The anvil and grate are protected with shear pins and can swing away to eliminate any damage due to processing of rocks or large pieces of metal.

An image of a woman wearing high vis clothing working on a piece of machinery in a machine shop
Dianna from Kaliber Power working on the wiring

Superior ergonomic design makes the Grizzly Mill extremely safe, easy, and inexpensive to maintain. The heavy-duty frame is covered with replaceable, high wear resistant bolt-on liners. A clam shell opening, rotor lock and safety bar ensures safe access for easy maintenance. Other features of the Grizzly Mill Hog that were key to our customer’s requirements include:

  • Large infeed opening                                    
  • Twenty-four striker bars, tungsten carbide
  • Solid steel bearing housing         
  • Heavy-duty two-position rolled grate
  • Progressive rectangular hole pattern
  • Two shear pins c/w holders
  • Swing-away anvil, 6″ thick
  • Two hydraulic cylinders
  • Mechanical safety lock
  • Electrical safety interlocks, upper frame, anvil, grate, and rotor motion
An image of a wood grinder sitting on a machine shop floor
Brunette/CBI Grizzly Mill Hog

The Brunette team collaborated with customer to ensure that the Grizzly Mill Hog would fulfil their needs.  Then the work of building the machine began. Drawings were approved, materials and parts were ordered up and the process of building the 44,600 lb. machine began.

During the last weeks of December, the Grizzly Mill was painted, assembled, and tested before it was wrapped up and shipped to our customer in the West Kootenay region of BC.

A photo with four images of a wood grinder being prepared for shipping and loaded onto a flatbed truck
All wrapped up and ready to go

Another job well done!

For more information on the Grizzly Mill Hog or any of our diverse product line, please visit our equipment page or call us at: 1-800-686-6679