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Is Your Hog Grate Beyond Repair?

Our CBI Grizzly Mill Hogs are known as the “Heavyweight Champions of Wood Waste Grinders” for good reason. Designed to be the most rugged hog on the market, the Grizzly Mill will handle almost any material you throw at it and just keep on running.

Cedar bark, green spruce bark, all kinds of mill wood waste, demolition debris, butt ends, railroad ties and stringy bark are all easily processed by this machine, resulting in a high-quality product that is suitable for hog fuel or mulch.

Of course, all this grinding eventually takes a toll on the hog grate. Your Grizzly Mill Hog grate might be worn beyond repair. Maybe the liner is worn through or it’s impossible to rebuild the grate pockets. Does this mean a grate replacement?

Brunette has an alternate solution — we can rebuild your used Grizzly Mill Hog grate with a new liner! Our Grate Re-Skin program can restore your hog grate to like-new condition and save you money too!

Grizzly Mill Hog grates image

How does this program work? It’s easy!
Ship your used, worn grate to our location and we will:

  • Cut out the used liner from your grate frame.
  • Replace the worn liner with a new AR500 formed liner.
  • Sleeve and re-bore the grate frame mounting holes.
  • Install new bushings and,
  •  Apply paint.

This procedure can save you over 35% of the cost of replacing the entire grate. Check out our flyer for details. Browse our website for information on our Parts & Services and our Equipment or call our office at 604.522.3977 to talk to our Parts and Service experts.