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Throw Back Thursday — The Way We Were.


We’re celebrating our 75th anniversary and we are feeling the excitement! We are busy planning celebrations, projects and events to commemorate this milestone.

As we were sifting through the company archives we came across a treasure trove of old photos and memorabilia that had us heading down memory lane, trying to identify times, places and people.

Brunette Machine Works photo


This group photo shows the team at Brunette Machine Works in New Westminster, circa 1965. Looking at their oil-saturated coveralls, we thought about the changes that these men had seen throughout their careers at Brunette — and how their work helped to build and modernize the lumber market.

The machine in the centre is a Brunette 14” Ring Log Debarker that was built in the shop. Standing next to the debarker, in the suit and tie, is Harold Pousette. Harold was the son of Gus Pousette, one of the founders of Pousette and Murray, which later became Brunette Machine Works Ltd.

Also, in this photo, is John K. (Ken) Woollam, who invented the rotary air seal for Brunette’s revolutionary Air Seal Ring Debarker. He is in the front row, wearing the vest and white shirt.

As we were poring over this picture, it was amazing how many people our long-timers recognized. “That’s Gordie! There, in the back, that’s Bob — I’m positive! “Wait, that’s Jack!” and Look, there’s Jimmy — who can forget Jimmy!”

When we were done marvelling over the old photographs and we headed back to our desks, we were all smiling and remembering days gone by. Brunette has a remarkable history to recollect — the inventions, the big machines that were made in the shop: huge saws, chippers, bandmills, and screens. And of course, all the people who have contributed to the growth of the company from its small shop on the New Westminster waterfront to today where our close-knit, enthusiastic team continues to manufacture and develop new equipment for the forestry industry.

75 years — a milestone indeed!